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Dong Guan Yunwei Silica gel Products Co.,LTD  is a private science and technology enterprise founded in May 2004. The original name of the factory is: Hechuan rubber products factory of Shatin, Dongguan city. Because of the expansion of the company, it was moved to the village of Liang Jia, Shijie Town, Dongguan, in October 2010, and renamed to the Dong Guan Qiangjia Rubber Products Co.,LTD. of Dongguan. Due to the need of development in October 2018, changed its name to Dong Guan Yunwei Silica gel Products Co.,LTD. Our company specializes in producing various kinds of silicone rubber hybrid (key, seal ring, silica gel cover, hand ring, foot pad, waterproof plug), various kinds of foam (EVA, sponge, pearl cotton, PORON), all kinds of insulating materials (insulated silicone rubber, fast bar paper, highland barley paper, conductive cloth, copper foil, aluminum foil, PC, PET), various kinds of stamping products, all kinds of double-sided Adhesive (all kinds of 3M double-sided adhesive and ordinary double-sided adhesive), Ming plate screen printing.


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